Vietnam keeping pace with world’s AI development: expert

With the development of several language models designed specifically for Vietnamese users like PhoGPT, Vietnam has caught up with the world’s AI trend, an expert from VinAI under Vingroup conglomerate said on December 19.

Vietnam has caught up with the world’s AI trend. (Photo: VNA)

At the VinFuture Foundation’s forum themed “AI: Transformation Opportunities and Challenges”, Prof.Dr Bui Hai Hung, founding director of VinAI, highlighted that Vietnam’s generative AI features have allowed users to create contents in marketing and given them a great deal of support when they want to enrich their knowledge.

As the technology has an increasing impact on the society, it is necessary to capitalise on it and use it for good, he said, adding core technologies should be developed so as to develop new tools that are suitable for Vietnam’s language and culture.

Dr. Xuedong Huang, Chief Technology Officer at Zoom, said that AI is an incomplete model, therefore it is necessary to develop a content filtering system to ensure the right content for the society.

Meanwhile, Prof.Leslie Gabriel Valiant from Harvard University stressed that since AI is only bad if it is used for bad purpose, people should join hands to control and safely use the technology instead of giving the control to computers.

Discussing the boom of AI and its impact on everyday life, other world’s leading experts in the field said 2023 is a breakout year for AI – a new factor that shapes up the global socio-economy.

AI chatbots is a popular source of information for millions of people, while OpenAI’s ChatGPT reaches 100 million users just two months after launching, they said, adding the development of the GPT-3 (2022) and GPT-4 (2023) marks a major milestone in the implementation of AI.

Enterprises and research organisations could take advantage of AI to improve their productivity and reduce the researching time, thus saving production cost and creating an interesting and competitive working environment; however, it is just the best-case scenario, they said.

The technology has posed formidable challenges in ethics, security and equal access, especially when AI’s massive capacity is controlled by a minority group, experts elaborated.

Besides, they added that AI is billed as a profound threat since some 300 million people across the globe may lose jobs to this technology as said by economists from Goldman Sachs Group, a leading global investment banking, securities, and investment management firm in the US.

The VinFuture Foundation, established on the International Human Solidarity Day on December 20th, 2020, is a non-profit organisation co-founded by Vingroup Chairman Pham Nhat Vuong and his wife, Pham Thu Huong. The Foundation's core activity is awarding the annual VinFuture Prize, which recognises transformative scientific and technological innovations capable of making significant positive changes in the lives of millions of people worldwide.

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