Vietnam attends fifth International Conference For World Balance

A Vietnamese delegation led by deputy head of the National Assembly’s Committee for External Affairs Le Anh Tuan attended the fifth International Conference For World Balance in Havana on January 24-28.
At the event (Photo: Prensa Latina)

At the event (Photo: Prensa Latina)

Themed “With all and for the good of all”, the event was one of the activities honouring Cuban national hero José Martí on the occasion of his 170th birth anniversary (January 28), with over 1,100 delegates from 87 countries globally taking part.

This world forum of plural and multidisciplinary thought is convened by the José Martí Project for World Solidarity every three years, enabling hundreds of professors, social activists and intellectuals in general, from all latitudes of the planet, to reflect on the main contemporary problems.

As the first guest to address the opening ceremony, Tuan underlined that together with the people across the globe, the Vietnamese people always aspire to live in a world of peace, democracy with the long-term goal of wealthy people, strong country and a democratic, fair and civilised society.

In order to build a better world, the Vietnamese delegation suggested further strengthening the role of the legislature and lawmakers in fine-tuning laws; overseeing the enforcement of policies; ensuring equality and non-discrimination in terms of gender, ethnicity and religion in the fields of politics, socio-economy, culture, labour, health care, education - training; and settling conflicts and disputes via peaceful means in line with international law; among others.

On the occasion, Tuan also held working sessions with Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba Ana María Mari Machado and President of the Cuban National Assembly’s Commission on Foreign Relations Yolanda Ferrer Gómez.

The host leaders said the Party, State and people of Cuba highly value ties with Vietnam and wish to welcome Chairman of the Vietnamese NA to the country.

Cuba wishes to enhance consultations and share experience in lawmaking and NA’s expertise with Vietnam; further boost coordination in economy, culture and tourism; and stays ready to help Vietnamese firms expand operations in the country, they said.

Tuan said Vietnam believes that under the sound leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba, the Cuban State and fraternal people will successfully realise Resolutions adopted at the eighth National Congress of the Party and overcome its current challenges.

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