Vaccine interruption, severe weather lead to surge in seasonable diseases

Department of Preventive Medicine under the Ministry of Health asked  health departments of provinces and cities nationwide on prevention and control enhancement of whooping cough and other infectious diseases that  vaccines can prevent.

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The Ministry of Health informed that the whole country has recorded about 70 cases of whooping cough (pertussis) from the beginning of the year to now via the national infectious disease surveillance system, mostly cases in some Northern provinces and cities.

Besides, many cases of measles, measles-suspected typhus and smallpox were also detected in many places.

On these days, the Northern region has experienced cold windy and rainy weather along with high humidity creating favorable environment conditions for viruses and increasing the risk of epidemic infectious diseases, especially respiratory diseases.

In addition, the vaccine supply's interruption in the Expanded Program on Immunization in recent times is a risk factor for disease spike.

Amid the outbreak risk of the above-mentioned diseases, the Ministry of Health required localities to strengthen surveillance, testing and early detection for whooping cough infections, other infectious diseases and strictly handle newly arising outbreaks.

Apart from close coordination with the Institutes of Hygiene and Epidemiology and Pasteur Institute to analyze the disease situation, assess risks of disease severity, make proposals and deploy appropriate and timely anti-epidemic measures, hospitals must proactively receive, treat and resuscitate patients, control infections and prevent cross-infection in medical examination and treatment facilities.

It is necessary to promote regular vaccination for subjects under the Expanded Program on Immunization.

Health Departments of provinces and cities nationwide need to promote communication about disease risks and measures of prevention and mitigation for whooping cough and other infectious diseases that vaccines can prevent; recommend people regularly washing hands with soap and water; promptly detect the suspected cases with symptom of illness and so on.

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