Unforeseeable off-peak season measles rise

According to the Preventive Medicine Department’s latest survey, the country reported over 3,400 measles cases just in the first five months of the year with 96.7 percent of them not being vaccinated or fully vaccinated.
Vaccination is the best way to prevent measles (Photo: SGGP)
Vaccination is the best way to prevent measles (Photo: SGGP)
More than 31 percent of the cases are children aged from 1 to 4 and approximately 19 percent are children aged 5 to 9
Noticeably, this is a high record  in summer which is not the peak season of the disease. The Ministry of Health warned of a continuous rise of measles cases this year when the peak season of measles is coming.
Due to the complicated development of the disease, the Ministry directed infirmaries to isolate patients and restrict transferring patients from hospitals to hospitals to prevent transmission of measles and respiratory disease.
Hospital managers must set up a separated area for measles patients and classify slight and serious patients as well as disinfect patients’ room and guide patients’ relatives to implement preventative measures to cut cross-infection in medical clinics.
Preventive medicine units must enhance inoculation on ninth-month-old children with the goal of 95 percent especially in measles-hit districts, in regions ethnic minority people live and disadvantaged areas.

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