SJC gold price increases by US$55,5 per tael on Friday morning

Although the current world’s gold price is decreasing, domestic gold businesses are selling SJC gold at over VND66 million (US$2,817) per tael making the gap between domestic and international gold prices over VND18 million (US$768) per tael. 
Gold prices in the world market are currently trading at US$1,700 per ounce the previous day lifting a bounce of SJC gold price this morning from VND1 million (US$42,6) to VND1.3 million (US$55,45) over yesterday.

This morning, in Ho Chi Minh City, PNJ Company bought SJC gold at VND64.3 million (US$) per tael and sold it at VND66.3 million (US$2,742) a tael, increasing VND1.1 million (US$46,94) per tael in both buying and selling.

In addition, Binh Thanh District-based Mi Hong Jewelry Store listed the metal at VND64.8 million (US$2,765) per tael for buying and VND65.8 million (US$2,808) per tael for selling.

In Ha Noi market, PNJ Company listed SJC gold at VND64.3 million (US$2,741) per tael for buying and VND66.2 million (US$2,822) per tael for selling, increasing VND1 million (US$42,6) and VND900,000 (US$38,4) per tale for buying and selling, respectively.

The world gold price recovered as the European Central Bank raised its key interest rate by half a percentage point for the first time in 11 years along with the lessened stock exchange markets and gasoline prices.

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