SHTP aiming to stabilize production, increase export

Due to the complexity of the latest Covid-19 outbreak, Ho Chi Minh City is carrying out several methods to protect manufacturing facilities and industrial zones, including Saigon Hi-tech Park (SHTP). Hoping to significantly contribute to the overall development of the city, SHTP is striving to stabilize its production activities and increase export.

Businesses located in SHTP are trying to maintain manufacturing activities and fight against Covid-19 at the same time. (Photo: SGGP)

Reports from SHTP reveal that since the beginning of this year, SHTP has issued one new investment certificate with the registered capital of nearly VND163 billion (approx. US$7.1 million) and adjusted the certificates of 21 projects (attracting over $784 million more for 3 international projects and VND6 billion or $260,000 for other domestic ones).

Until now, SHTP has been running 164 projects with valid investment certificates, having a total investment capital of $8.4 billion.

Despite the harsh conditions during the latest Covid-19 outbreak in HCMC, SHTP has been able to maintain its manufacturing activities. Its production value in the first 6 months this year reached $11.24 billion, an increase of more than a half compared to this time last year. This accounts for 45 percent of the assigned target. SHTP’s export and import values are $10.46 billion and $9.3 billion, respectively.

The correct focus on hi-tech projects is the foundation to ensure the sustainable growth in industrial output of the park in the past few years.

In the meeting with member businesses at the beginning of 2021, SHTP Management Board set the target of becoming the main contributor of export turnovers to HCMC. In particular, it aims at reaching an export value of $30 billion and a domestic value added of over 35 percent in 2025. This is quite a challenging task due to the difficulties from the current pandemic in Vietnam.

To guarantee smooth and safe operation in SHTP, the management has followed the direction of HCMC People’s Committee to collect over 20,000 samples for Covid-19 detection test. SHTP has so far continuously remind its business members to strictly observe Covid-19 prevention methods like the 5K rules and regular use of disinfection products in their premises. Workers in SHTP have also been vaccinated.

“Covid-19 has negatively affected investment decisions into SHTP and market expansion activities of businesses here. Therefore, SHTP hopes that the municipal authorities issue a criteria set for the evaluation and selection of investment projects into our park as soon as possible. Without it, the Management Board will encounter much trouble in choosing projects that are not under the investment policy or are not the subjects of the Technology Transfer Law”, said Le Bich Loan, Deputy Head of SHTP’s Management Board.

Also, the failure in attracting AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft – the second largest mainboard producers in the world shows that SHTP must invest more in land clearance, the construction of the second sewage treatment plant, and the improvement of gas supply system in order to meet the infrastructure demands of giant corporations in the world.

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