Sharing vaccine to prevent partial shortage

Health departments and infirmaries should actively phone the Department of Preventive Medicine or the Vietnam Drug Administration to find out information of vaccine distribution amongst facilities to prevent partial shortage.

The Vietnam Drug Administration yesterday required related agencies to implement measures to ensure the supply of vaccine against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus.
The Administration proposed medical departments countryside to direct its sub-divisions, medical clinics, vaccination facilities, infirmaries, the National Institutes of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Hanoi and in the Central Highlands, Pasteur Institutes in Ho Chi Minh City and in Nha Trang to set up plan for reserve and stock.
These departments should actively contact with importers to buy vaccine so as to ensure enough vaccine for demand.
Moreover, medical clinics have to work closely to share their available vaccine for vaccination facilities.
Provincial departments of health have to direct importers and distributors in their jurisdiction to contact medical facilities which are short of vaccine to provide them immediately.

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