SGGP, HUBA to organize contest encouraging businesses to go green

The HCMC Union of Business Association (HUBA) and SGGP Newspaper today announce a contest for outstanding Green Enterprises 2023, aiming at supporting businesses in the city to go green and honoring excellent ones in this aspect.

Since the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), green growth, circular economy to reduce greenhouse gas emission, and sustainable development have become the goals of many nations. They have applied various technical barriers to exporters whose products cannot guarantee the green criteria and higher tariff to any merchandise with large ‘carbon footprint’.

These standards have deeply affected manufacturing activities in Vietnam. HUBA’s survey on domestic manufacturers reveals that it is more challenging for those which are unable to satisfy green production criteria to obtain new orders while the ones going green receive so many orders that they have to refuse some beyond their capacity.

Obviously, small and medium enterprises find it harder to make their operation more environmentally friendly due to insufficient financial capacity and a lack of qualified human resources. Therefore, lately, several ministries and state agencies have introduced policies and supporting programs like providing green credits with preferential interest rates to help enterprises become greener, organizing meetings for domestic companies to expand their markets to the world.

With the desire to help the business community and promote the establishment of a ‘green passport for Vietnamese companies’, SGGP Newspaper cooperates with HUBA to hold the contest ‘Green Enterprise 2023’.

Simultaneously, these organizers will host several connection activities to boost trades, increase the internal resources of domestic businesses, and raise their competitiveness. Particularly, businesses are aided to form a precise information platform, to develop strategies for their green, sustainable brands.

The event is expected to help national companies to overcome technical barriers related to going green and expand both domestic and foreign markets. In the upcoming time, SGGP Newspaper and HUBA are going to organize more discussions, seminars for green enterprises of all fields to share their experience, and for others to voice their current difficulties when going green.

Based on that, proposals will be made to send to corresponding functional agencies to adjust related policies or introduce new solutions to aid the business community.