Senior managers in consumer goods sector receive salary of $13,203

As per Navigos Group’s salary survey of high-ranking employees in the field of consumer goods in Vietnam released on October 10, in the third quarter, maximum salary of these people is up to VND300 million ($13,203) a month
Senior managers in consumer goods sector receive salary of $13,203
Meanwhile their counterparts in realty, banks, IT and production receive wages from VND100 million to VND220 million per head monthly.
When it comes to recruitment trend, demand of employees in high- and medium ranking position increased strongly with year-on-year rise of 19 percent, especially in financing- banking, consumer goods, retail, IT, production and service.
Salary of senior managers in retail enterprises is high because Viet Nam is on the way to becoming one of the most developed retail markets in Asia and the retail market is attractive. Foreign retail enterprises continued to pout capital into Vietnam. The boom of foreign fashion outlets in the country has brought employment opportunities for Vietnamese people at all level.
In retail sector, mergers and acquisitions continued to take place especially large corporations from Japan and Thailand which acquired companies with available leading brand names.
An increase in M&A activity has opened up job opportunities for Vietnamese employee to get access to professional work environment as per chain model and system.
Additionally, M&A also offered attractive employment for experienced managers in building and developing new markets and in E-commerce.
To attract good managers, enterprises in consumer goods sector are ready to pay bonus to new staffs; yet they are still facing difficulties in recruiting managers especially multinational companies in consumer goods in the mountainous North Vietnam.
Navigos also predicted personnel market in renewable energy will soar in the next time because Vietnam has potential for solar energy.
Lately, the government has adopted mechanism to encourage investment in solar energy which is attractive for investors. Many investors have applied for investment projects to produce solar battery and solar electricity in provinces across the country.
Besides, coal-electricity industry is predicted to escalate to meet local increasing demand. With strong potential of development in next year, labor market in electricity and energy will be promising after a long pause.

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