Scientific club for overseas Vietnamese opened

A scientific club for Vietnamese scientists working overseas has just been formally introduced in Melbourne City of Victoria State in Australia. This is supposed to be a place for different Vietnamese scientists working in Australia to gather together and exchange professional knowledge as well as support one another in daily life activities. It will also act as a link to scientists in other Australian states and Vietnam.

Overseas Vietnamese scientists in Victoria State participated in the grand opening ceremony of the scientific club
Overseas Vietnamese scientists in Victoria State participated in the grand opening ceremony of the scientific club

Scientists in Victoria State whole-heartedly welcomed the birth of this club, with the participation of more than 40 people who are working in various research institutes, universities, businesses, and state units on the grand opening ceremony.

This is the third club for Vietnamese researchers and scientists in Australia, along with two similar organizations in Queensland State and New South Wales State.

According to Dr. Tran Cong Yen – Counselor responsible for Science and Technology of Vietnam in Canberra – the club aims at gathering Vietnamese scientists and scholars in Victoria State to encourage them to help their domestic counterparts in professional activities.

The club is also expected to aid the process of technology transfer, cooperative technological research projects, and the task of training young scientists in Vietnam.

In addition, it creates a strong network among various scientists to foster the strategic collaboration related to science and technology between Vietnam and Australia.

Therefore, the participation in this club is both an honor and a responsibility of each science person in the mission to develop his or her own homeland.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia Ngo Huong Nam clearly stated that in the era of Industry 4.0, where state-of-the-art technologies are increasingly changing production capacity and competitiveness of nations, it is absolutely necessary to approach and implement science in order not to be left behind. Due to objective limits, the Vietnamese government hopes that the introduction of new technologies in the country needs much effort from scientists themselves, especially those who are learning and working overseas.

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