Robotics and AI increasingly popular in VN

The 5th annual international conference of Saigon Hi-tech Park (SHTP), themed ‘Robots and Artificial Intelligence’, has just been held in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), attracting many domestic and international speakers.
Robotics and AI increasingly popular in VN

In the era of Industry 4.0, experts in the conference predicted that new advanced technologies would have great effects on various fields. Thus, Vietnam should boost its research to master this new knowledge, especially the one related to robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

According to Associate Professor Dr. Le Hoai Quoc, Head of the Management Board of SHTP, many businesses in this park are now bonding closely with scientists in several projects on manufacturing automation with robots.

In addition, SHTP is launching the cooperation program with Japan and the Republic of Korea to apply AI into agricultural production. Meanwhile, the Vietnam – Japan Technology Training Center is speeding up its investment process while finishing and organizing training classes for human resources with international standards to meet the demands of hi-tech companies.

In the framework of the conference, the exhibition on ‘Robotics Applications and AI’ was held, with the display of many impressive products.

New Ocean Company, sited in Ward 4 of Tan Binh District in HCMC, attracted international manufacturing plants in Vietnam thanks to its automation solution and machine vision via the process of industrial images captured from cameras in the assembling lines. It is expected to be widely popularized in the upcoming time.

Mitsubishi Electric introduced its e-F@ctory – a factory for the future – which consists of force sensor and image sensor robots. These robots are supposed to turn very complicated manufacturing processes into reality while continuously reporting data for analysis and task improvement. They also help to save installation time into a huge assembling line. Particularly, thanks to an integrating Internet connectivity, e-F@ctory allows manufacturers to control and monitor their plants remotely via smart devices.

It is noticeable that in HCMC, there are many organizations researching and implementing the technologies of robots and AI into developing the economy and society.

VietnamPost announced its application of EMIEW3 robots into its trading activities. According to this post company, thanks to the smart communication ability, the robots are able to welcome and serve customers effectively. They can also avoid direct crash into objects with sudden movements.

In the medical field, Binh Dan Hospital is the pioneer in implementing robotics technology into performing endoscopy operations to treat certain diseases like prostate cancer or colorectal cancer.

Scientists of the Institute for Computational Science and Technology under the HCMC Department of Science and Technology are now researching on a system to monitor and predict health via the analysis of pollution effects on health of each individual as well as the whole society. This will help them actively deliver timely warning on health hazards to the public.

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