Rate of free migration down by 10 times

Nationwide statistics have shown that the rate of free migration has been down by 10 times in the period 2015 – 2020 compared to before 2015.
Just people of 3,293 households migrated to other districts in search for more fertile lands and create new settlements.
In the report to the National Assembly Standing Committee, the government said that in a bid to solve free migration, around VND2,637 billion taken from the central state budget has been spent on essential infrastructure projects and supporting residents to restore products.
Generally, 6,566 households who migrated before 2015 were allocated resettlement land plots in the resettlement sites countrywide.
However, 20,294 households have not received resettlement land plots by 2020; of which, 18,382 households in the central- highlands region have not been given resettlement land plots. Worse, the rate of poverty households is still high with their average income is not equal to half of people in the country.
Moreover, some local administrations are negligent in managing their jurisdiction. Life of migrated people is low as they don’t have land for production and growing trees. They are not able to access to water supply, electricity and they earn low income. Accordingly, deforestation is rampant while budget is limited; just 30 percent of people in need of capital can ask for money to restore production.
Realizing that managing free migration should connect with implementation of the government’s new rural development plan including agriculture re-structuring, the government said the plan carried out during 2016 – 2020 has renewed socio-economic infrastructure helping growing economy in the rural districts and ensuring public security in the areas where most ethnic minority groups are living.

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