QTSC applies Smart Water solution

Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) is implementing the solution ‘Smart Water’ in its process to use technologies in monitoring and managing the site, a part of the project to build a smart city.
QTSC applies Smart Water solution

‘Smart Water’ is a technological method to monitor and manage water use of customers via automatically capturing the amount of water use each month, storing these data, and then issuing a monthly bill for every customer.

The bill can be integrated into the current customer management system of businesses, or directly sent to all customers through various means like SMS, email, mobile phone applications, in paper, or on websites.

This solution can help QTSC to eliminate mistakes in the process of collecting water use data; to save time, cost, and human resources; to discover water leaking at each household or area; and to improve operation effectiveness via modern, convenient customer care services.

At the moment, QTSC are supplying water for all people on the site, with nearly 100 water meters of all sizes. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously do the task of managing water use and controlling water loss 24 hours seven days.

Since 2017, QTSC has already implementing the application ‘Smart Water’ and is hoping to introduce this effective solution to those interested.