Provinces enter peak period of flower, ornamental plant caring for Tet market

Currently, horticulturists have entered the period of tending and nurturing flowers and ornamental plants for the Lunar New Year market.
Provinces enter peak period of flower, ornamental plant caring for Tet market ảnh 1 Horticulturists take care of ornamental peach trees for Tet market. (Photo: SGGP)
It was recorded at the beginning of January 2022, at some nursery gardens in Xuan Thoi Dong Commune in Hoc Mon District in Ho Chi Minh City, horticulturists were busy taking care of flowers and ornamental plants. Pham Van Lan said that his nursery garden had short-lived flowers, such as marigold, cockscomb, carnation, dahlia, and chrysanthemum, with a total of 7,000 pots being taken care of carefully to serve the Tet market. He expected that his flower pots would be sold at high prices to cover the costs of fertilizers and pesticides and the care.

At the Co Thuan orchid nursery garden of Van Hong Da Thao in Xuan Thoi Dong Commune, nearly 3,000 pots of Dendrobium and Mokara orchids are ready for cutting to sell at the peak of Tet. Orchid growers in Hoc Mon said that the price of potted orchids was expected to be at a moderate level, depending on the size. Of which, the smallest pot would be priced at VND50,000, while the larger ones would range from a few hundred thousand Vietnamese dongs to millions of Vietnamese dongs. Meanwhile, cut orchids would cost from VND8,000-VND10,000 per spike to meet the needs of common customers.

In Ha Tinh Province, in the early days of January 2022, taking advantage of the sunny weather, hundreds of households in Luu Vinh Son Commune in Thach Ha District and Cam Hung Commune in Cam Xuyen District - the most well-known places of ornamental peach trees in Ha Tinh Province – have been rushing to pluck leaves, prune dry branches, and care for buds to prepare for the Lunar New Year market.

This year, thanks to favorable weather conditions, suitable soil, and proper care, ornamental peach varieties grown in Luu Vinh Son and Cam Hung communes have developed well. People expect that the peach crop will get good results in both yield and prices. Ornamental peaches in these two localities are mainly consumed in Ha Tinh, Nghe An, and Quang Binh provinces. Many customers have already contacted peach nursery gardens to order.

Vice-Chairman of the People's Committee of Luu Vinh Son Commune Bui Cong Thu said that the whole commune had more than 600 households growing ornamental peach trees with an area of 85 hectares. Of which, the highest number of ornamental peach trees a household grew was over 1,000 trees, and the smallest number was from 50 to 70 trees. It was estimated that the total average income from ornamental peach cultivation of the whole commune was about VND20 billion annually. Secretary of the Party Committee of Cam Hung Commune Nguyen Dinh Dung also said that the whole commune had more than 200 households growing ornamental peach trees, with an area of about 25 hectares. Of which, a household grew the highest number of peach trees of 400, and the average number of peach trees was less than 100. The total average income from peach cultivation of the whole commune was estimated at VND3.5 billion-VND5 billion. Of which, the highest high-income was over VND100 million, and the average income was VND35 million-VND50 million.

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