Prof. Nguyen Kim Phi Phung wins Kovalevskaia awards

Lecturer Nguyen Kim Phi Phung of the Nature University’s Chemistry Faculty has won the International Kovalevskaia Award, an annual accolade given to brilliant female scientists, which was founded in 1985 with an initial donation from American professors Ann and Neal Koblitz.

The Vietnam's Women Union yesterday announced the awards.

Professor Nguyen Kim Phi Phung has spent a lot of time for her scientific research of chemical compositions of some plants and lichen in Vietnam especially these have been unstudied. Subsequently, she discovered natural compound in plants which inhibit the growth of cancer cells such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer or inhibit enzyme causing diabetes, pigmentation and Alzheimer.

Thanks to her research, many precious herbs have been added into the country’s banks of plants for treatment. Additionally, her researches have provided basic data for scientists who inclined to make research on Vietnamese plants for the country’s pharmaceutical industry and for the world’s.

The awards for team were granted to five female scientists from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology who made research on Nano technology. Their works have been applied for agricultural production, biomedicine, and pharmacy with outstanding products including research on luminous powder containing rare soil for production of fluorescent lamp to kill insects, a device to detect cancerous virus and cells.

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