Position of Vietnam affirmed in international market

According to Nikkei Asia, Apple’s suppliers, namely Luxshare Precision Industry and Foxconn, have begun trial production of the Apple Watch in Vietnam - this is the first time this activity has taken place outside China.
Apple has been negotiating and testing to produce MacBook laptops for the first time in Vietnam. Nikkei Asia also said that Apple has been negotiating with suppliers to build a trial production line for the HomePod smart speaker in Vietnam. It means that Vietnam has already been Apple's most important manufacturing hub outside China after becoming the production place of iPads and AirPods.

Experts said that Apple's moves mark a new success for Vietnam in the process of investment attraction, especially high technology, in the context that the US technology giant is looking to diversify its production places outside China. The US-China trade tension which broke out under the presidency of former US President Donald Trump and China's Zero Covid policy have caused major disruptions in Apple's global product supply chain. Over the past two years, Apple has accelerated the shift of production to India and Vietnam to avoid depending on the production chain in China.
Globally distributed iPad and AirPods products manufactured in Vietnam in the past two years are typical examples. For Vietnam, this strategic change of Apple brings many benefits. Besides production and business tax revenue, international technology companies will follow Apple to Vietnam to meet the supply chain of accompanying components and products.
From there, Vietnam will have the opportunity to absorb and learn the world's most advanced production processes and technologies. According to Nikkei Asia, the list of component suppliers for Apple with bases in Vietnam has increased from 14 companies in 2018 to at least 22 companies so far. It is something that not many countries besides China have been able to do over the years.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, in the first six months of the year, the revenue of the information technology industry was estimated at US$72.5 billion, up 17.8 percent over the same period. Hardware and electronics export turnover was estimated at $57 billion, up 16.4 percent over the same period. Of which, computer exports were estimated at $29.1 billion, and cellphone exports were estimated at $27.9 billion. The proportion of the "Make-in-Vietnam" value in the revenue structure of the information technology industry reached 26.72 percent, with an estimated value of about $19.4 billion.
These figures are significantly contributed by international technology giants, such as Samsung and Apple. Political stability, flexible and open Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control policies, qualified and abundant young human resources, and average labor cost are important factors that continue to attract foreign investors to Vietnam. The presence of complexes producing high-tech products of Apple, Samsung, Dell, Google, LG, and Panasonic in Vietnam in recent years has confirmed that and, at the same time, contributed to enhancing Vietnam's position in the international arena.

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