Police to make efforts to crack down on drugs’ disguise as confectionery

As drug dealers and street pushers have increasingly disguised powder and rock cocaine by dyeing it or concealing it in candy wrappers, police make efforts to crack down on this.

Police to make efforts to crack down on drugs’ disguise as confectionery (Illustrative photo)

The Government Office yesterday issued a document on the implementation of the Action Month for Drug Prevention and Control in 2024.

Under the Action Month for Drug Prevention and Control in 2024, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang, Chairman of the National Committee for Prevention and Control of AIDS, Drugs, and Prostitution, requested ministries, agencies, and localities to direct the implementation of the Month of Action on Drug Prevention and Control from June 1 to June 30, with the theme ‘Joining hands to build drug-free communes, wards and towns’.

The Deputy Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Public Security to carry out a nationwide attack on drug crimes with a focus on fighting and eradicating complex drug spots as well as investigating and destroying inter-provincial and transnational drug trafficking rings from ringleaders to retailers.

The Ministry of Public Security directs local police forces to review, analyze and evaluate the situation of drug addicts and illegal users, especially those with signs of psychosis caused by using drugs. Based on the real situation in the area, police forces will propose a strict management plan, especially in key and complex areas with a large concentration of workers, industrial and export processing zones, and large urban construction project areas as well as continue to effectively implement identification of people’s addiction status for preparation of documents and appropriate detoxification measures.

The Ministry of Education and Training, the Central Youth Union, and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor direct and disseminate anti-drug information amongst officials, union members, students, workers, and laborers. Information will focus on the consequences and harmful effects of drugs, tactics to entice and seduce teenagers to use drugs, especially synthetic drugs and drugs disguised in foods such as candy, drinks, herbs, e-cigarettes and other drugs and prevention solutions.

People's committees in provinces and cities and police forces will work together to fight drug crimes, eliminate complex drug sites and strictly control legal activities related to drugs while having solutions to effectively manage business lines with security and order conditions, to prevent bad guys from taking advantage of them to commit drug-related crimes.

At the same time, municipal and provincial people's committees in coordination with the police force review, make statistics, and accurately assess the situation of drug addicts and illegal users to manage drug addicts to deter them from causing social disorder.

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