Police investigators to carry out probe into vegan pâté Minh Chay

The Food Administration of Vietnam sent its document to related agencies for continued investigation of vegetarian pâté Minh Chay following Botulism poisoning cases which have been getting a lot of attention lately.
Police investigators to carry out probe into vegan pâté Minh Chay
Concerning Botulism poisoning cases after eating vegetarian pâté Minh Chay made by Loi Song Moi Company in Hanoi, the Food Administration under the Ministry of Health yesterday announced its investigation procedure.
Moreover, it requested the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to transfer to police for further probe.
According to the Administration, it was informed by the Anti-poisoning center of Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital about the couple who were hospitalized on August 18 due to poisoning with Botulinum. The center found out the couple have had vegetarian pâté Minh Chay manufactured by Loi Song MOi company.
Soon, the Administration sent a document Np.1907 to its subdivision in Hanoi on August 19 asking the subdivision along with other related state competent agencies to carry out investigation.
Inspectors of the Food Safety Division in Hanoi paid a visit to the company in the next day finding out that the company failed to meet sanitation requirement; therefore, it decided to stop the company’s operation as well as took samples for test.
Test results carried out by the Ho Chi Minh City-based Institute of Hygiene and Public Health and the National Institute for Food Control August 28 showed that some Minh Chay pâté products in different batches contained Clostridium botulinum, an anaerobic bacteria with strong toxins that can damage human health and lead to fatality.
Head of the Administration convened an urgent meeting with leaders of the Department of Health in Hanoi and leaders of the Food Safety Division in the night of August 28.
The Administration posted its warning on its website www.vfa.gov.vn requesting to recall Loi Song Moi company’s products as well as publicized the news on media.
The Administration officially released its announcement in television advising all people to stop buying and using the pâté, as well as other products of Loi Song Moi Company.
Consumers are asked to report to local authorities if they still have these products at their homes.
Those who have already eaten the food should seek medical attention if they have any abnormal health conditions.

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