Police carry out autopsy for investigation of milk tea murder in Thai Binh

Police investigators yesterday decided to exhume and carried out a post-mortem on the body of a woman in the northern province of Thai Binh for investigation following doubts on her death.
Suspect Lai Thi Kieu Trang (Photo: SGGP)
Suspect Lai Thi Kieu Trang (Photo: SGGP)

Before, police in Thai Binh Town were informed about the unusual death of the woman who was working as a nurse in the city’s Lung Hospital at workplace. According to her colleagues, after she drank a glass of milk tea in the refrigerator, she rushed to restroom and died soon.

Police officers carried out examination of the scene and found out many doubts about the death. They decided to carry out a post-mortem on the woman body which revealed that she was poisoned with cyanide in the glass of milk tea.

Police decided to detained 25 year old Lai Thi Kieu Trang for the investigation of the murder.

Trang confessed that she fell in love with the husband of her cousin since January , 2019 but the man wanted to stop their love affair in October. As a result, Trang bought the toxic substance in internet for suicide but she changed her mind; she decided to poison her cousin with the toxic substance.

Knowing that the cousin often drinks milk tea, Trang bought six glasses of milk tea and injected the toxic into glasses then sending them to the cousin’s room under the name of a patient’s relative.

However, because the cousin was absent, she asked other nurse to give back to the cousin.

The cousin’s colleague drank the toxic milk tea and died later.

The case is under investigation.