Police arrest woman making fake vaccine against Covid-19, cancer treatment

Police in the Central Province of Binh Dinh’s Quy Nho town have arrested a woman who was self-appointed as medical worker to sell counterfeit vaccine against cancer , stroke and even Covid-19.
 46-year-old Tieu Thi Tuyet Suong (Photo:SGGP)
46-year-old Tieu Thi Tuyet Suong (Photo:SGGP)
Vice Chief of police station in Quy Nhon Town Senior lieutenant-colonel Nguyen Ngoc Lam yesterday affirmed his unit has arrested 46-year-old Tieu Thi Tuyet Suong in Tuy Phuoc District for investigation of appropriating others’ property.
While raiding Suong’s house, police officers have seized different kinds of medicine packets to make counterfeit vaccine against diseases of infants, cancer, stroke and even Covid-19.
She had used fake vaccines to inject many local residents to earn money. Several victims of fake vaccine denounced her crime to police.
At the police station, Suong confessed her illegal acts.
According to police’s initial record, Suong has just finished her ninth grade and then worked as helper for a private medical clinic. To make patients believe in her, she was self-appointed as medical worker of the a department of preventive health. She offered cheap vaccine for children at home at the cost of VND700,000 (US$30).
Additionally, she boasted that she had vaccine against Covid-19; therefore, she sold vaccine like hot cakes.
Presently, police officers are expanding investigation.

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