Physiotherapy helps stroke survivors get back to normal life

Physiotherapy has helped stroke survivors, victims of a traffic accident and occupational accidents who are persistent in taking physical therapy and rehabilitation to get back to normal life.

“I am back to living life”, said Tran Kim Soi, a 64-year-old in Nha Be District in Ho Chi Minh City. The elderly woman had a cerebrovascular accident nearly 9 months ago. One morning when waking up, she felt that her whole body was tired, her limbs could not be lifted, it was difficult to move and to talk.

Physiotherapy helps stroke survivors get back to normal life ảnh 1 A nurse helps a traffic accident victim to take physical exercise ( Photo: SGGP)
After receiving treatment for a cerebrovascular accident at a large hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, she was paralyzed on the left side of her body. Her relatives have recommended her to take physical therapy and rehabilitation at the Hospital for Rehabilitation - Treatment of Occupational Diseases, she agreed to practice physical therapy with the hope to improve her mobility and movement.

She gets back to normal again through skilled hands-on treatment for eight months, said nurse Nguyen Le Minh Xuan of the hospital. The elderly woman can do housework and contact other people; yet, she must continue practicing speech therapy as she still finds it hard to talk.

Thanks to the regular practice of physical therapy and rehabilitation, a 22-year- old man, Luc Roi Hy, hailing from the South-Central Province of Khanh Hoa is gradually able to walk independently though he had been paralyzed on half of his body after a traffic accident. His brother said Hy was admitted to the Department of Physical Medicine-Rehabilitation of the hospital for more than two-week treatment. Now, Hy can walk without his brother’s assistance.

Thong Nhat Hospital has been applied modern technology in physical therapy. Specifically, the advanced computerized arm and hand rehabilitation system have been put into operation to help patients with upper limb rehabilitation after stroke or trauma.

Dr. To Quang Khanh, Head of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Thong Nhat Hospital said that the application of advanced computerized hand and arm rehabilitation technology on 20 patients has produced positive results. Of 20 patients, sixteen patients are in remission, one patient recovered and 3 patients remained unchanged. No patient gets more severe.

According to Dr. Dinh Quang Thanh, Professional Advisor, Head of Department of Physical Medicine-Rehabilitation, Hospital of Rehabilitation - Treatment of Occupational Diseases, people with nerve damage and post-operative patient need to practice physical therapy-rehabilitation. Specifically, people with stroke, traumatic brain injury, paralysis and weak muscle strength need to exercise to maintain muscle strength. As for patients after surgery, especially surgery due to fracture, exercise will help patients maintain muscle strength and joint range, helping patients move safely.

Early and appropriate physical therapy training will help patients return to normal activities; they can do daily normal activities without others’ assistance. Dr. Dinh Quang Thanh also said that physical therapy and rehabilitation are very important because those who do not take physical exercise will suffer weak muscles, limited joint mobility, poor mobility, low self-confidence, thereby reducing the quality of life.