Paddy piled up waiting in vain for traders in Mekong Delta provinces

In this summer-autumn rice crop, Mekong Delta farmers sowed more than 1.5 million hectares of rice and currently have harvested over 60% of the total area. However, many farmers are extremely anxious because summer-autumn rice has already entered harvest season and is waiting to sell, but traders have not come to buy yet. In An Giang Province, some farmers agreed to reduce rice prices, but traders still dumped their deposits.

According to a representative of a rice exporting enterprise, enterprises limit the purchase of rice due to difficult consumption and low export prices. Traders have no source of consumption, so they neglect to buy paddy from farmers.

The rice prices in many places have dropped to only VND4,500-VND5,500 per kilogram, down from VND500 to VND1,500 per kg compared to those in the winter-spring rice crop. Besides the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, experts said that the fact that domestic enterprises imported about 1.6 million tons of rice from Cambodia and over 300,000 tons of rice from India in the past time was like bringing sand to the beach. Now, rice prices are low, along with social distancing to prevent the pandemic, farmers are burdened with various difficulties.

Many localities in the Mekong Delta are looking forward to a more drastic move to purchase rice from large enterprises, namely the Vietnam Southern Food Corporation and the Vietnam Northern Food Corporation.

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