Over 340 Vietnamese citizens return home from Canada

Relevant agencies of Vietnam, the Vietnamese Embassy in Canada, and Vietnam Airlines on July 25 coordinated with Canadian competent agencies to bring home more than 340 Vietnamese citizens from the country.
Vietnamese citizens at the Toronto airport (Photo: VNA)
Vietnamese citizens at the Toronto airport (Photo: VNA)

The passengers include children under 18, elderly people, workers with expired working contracts, students completing study, and stranded tourists.

This was the fourth flight organised by the Vietnamese Government to carry Vietnamese citizens home from Canada since April.

To ensure the safety of the passengers and crew members and prevent the spread of COVID-19, the carrier strictly implemented security, safety, and hygiene measures during the flight.

After landing in Vietnam, all the passengers and crew members had their health checked and were taken to a concentrated quarantine centre, in line with the country’s regulations.

Implementing Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s directions, relevant domestic agencies and Vietnamese representative agencies abroad are building plans to bring Vietnamese citizens home when domestic quarantine capacity permits.

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