Online shopping promoted to support consumers during Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the complexity of Covid-19 pandemic, many retail systems and trading businesses have activated their own online or telephone shopping channels to provide more convenience for their customers. They also increase their output and storage capacity to avoid shortage.


The retail system maintains enough products for consumers’ demands. (Photo: SGGP)
The retail system maintains enough products for consumers’ demands. (Photo: SGGP)

Saigon Coop informed that it has increased the stock of popular products like rice, instant noodle, pure water, canned food, milk, hand sanitizer, face masks, toilet paper. Any items to prevent respiratory diseases are prioritized to meet the demands of buyers at all sites.

In addition, more than 800 branches of Saigon Coop guarantee to keep the operation time to serve all customers while its convenient stores – Cheers – opens 24/7.

Besides flexible operation time, online shopping and door-to-door delivering are particularly promoted by many businesses in order to help citizens stay at home as much as possible.

Lotte Mart has introduced the app ‘speed L’ as its online shopping channel. With a few simple actions on their smartphones, consumers are able to order necessary products to be delivered at the assigned time. Payment can be done online or in real cash.

Coopmart offers a hotline for those who do not own a smart device to put their order. The telesales team will wholeheartedly support them in choosing suitable products for their needs and ship to their home at an assigned time.

The representative of Coopmart shared that since the public has gained experience from the previous Covid-19 wave in Vietnam, there has been no rush to stock goods anymore. Meanwhile, Coopmart is fully prepared with sufficient stock, especially essential items.

Reports reveal that since last week, the telephone and online shopping channels of Coopmart have welcomed millions of customers each day. The number of orders in both channels increased by ten times.

Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade Nguyen Phuong Dong said that the city has large retail system with 238 traditional markets, 217 supermarkets, 45 department stores, and 2.669 convenient stores.

To survive during Covid-19 pandemic, these shops have launched a series of promotional campaigns, along with the introduction of online and telephone shopping channels. It is this sensible action that help them keep their profit steady in this sensitive time.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade reported that thanks to good preparation, businesses are able to answer the public’s demands and there is not much fluctuation in price. Despite the unexpected slight instability in March and April, timely instruction from the Ministry and adequate inventory have successfully calmed people down. They now only buy sufficient items for their daily needs.