New technological environment for children launched in HCMC

Samsung Vina Electronics Co., Ltd. cooperated with the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) General Science Library to officially open S.hub Kids – a technological environment for kids. 

S.hub Kids has been officially launched at the HCMC General Science Library
S.hub Kids has been officially launched at the HCMC General Science Library

This is a special space modernly designed to serve learning, information searching, and scientific practice purposes, especially on STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Maths) topics, for children living in HCMC. Possessing a surface area of nearly 450 sq.m, S.hub Kids is divided into many functional areas like STEM classrooms, an astronomy room, reading space, scientific practice space, and multimedia entertainment space. All of them are well equipped with state-of-the-art devices from Samsung like smart interactive boards, digital Flip Chart boards, tablets, and updated Lego Robot packs.

Taking advantage of these available tools, STEM classes and activities are organized to meet the diverse demands of different groups of library users ranging from children to adolescents. Some prominent sessions are STEM Interesting Science, which draws inspiration from familiar daily equipment, or STEM Robotics, which focuses on basic programming techniques.

Along with offering attractive classes for children, this new space is also a place to train the human resources for STEM teaching, with opportunities for them to practise what they have just learnt. This is to ensure a new high-quality generation of children maturing from STEM extra-curriculum activities to serve the nation in the future.

Director of the HCMC General Science Library Bui Xuan Duc shared that the new S.Hub Kids has fulfilled the wish to have a technological environment for children in the city. Thanks to the experience gained from the project S.Hub Sharing Environment implemented for the last 3 years with Samsung, he strongly believed that his staff could make this new space the favorite destination of pupils in HCMC.