Nearly half of enterprises in Vietnam see brighter quarter 3 ahead

The latest quarterly survey on business production trends released by the General Statistics Office of Vietnam reveals that 40.7 percent of businesses anticipate better performance in the third quarter.


However, this optimistic figure varies across different business sectors. State-owned enterprises are the most confident, with 43 percent predicting a favorable outlook, followed by foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises at 42.6 percent.

Private domestic enterprises hold a slightly less positive view, with 39.6 percent anticipating better conditions. Similarly, the proportion of businesses expecting challenges is highest among private domestic enterprises at 17.3 percent, compared to 16.4 percent for state-operated enterprises and 16.8 percent for FDI enterprises.

The survey, conducted quarterly by the national statistical agency, involved 6,114 enterprises in the manufacturing industry and 6,056 enterprises in the construction sector.

In general, the two toughest challenges faced by manufacturing enterprises remain "low domestic market demand" and "high competition," with 53.4 percent and 50.4 percent of businesses citing these concerns, respectively.

In response, 28.9 percent of businesses have recommended that the government continue implementing effective domestic demand stimulation measures and intensify promotional campaigns to encourage "Vietnamese people to prioritize Vietnamese goods."

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