Murder kills friend because of debt

At the police station, Jeong In Cheol admitted to kill his fellow-countryman in District 7 because he owed the victim a big sum.

Jeong In Cheol at the police station (Photo: SGGP)
Jeong In Cheol at the police station (Photo: SGGP)
Ho Chi Minh City police are finishing the case of 35-year-old Korean man for murdering and robbing his fellow countryman Han Tong Duk, 33 years old.
Initially, Jeong In Cheol confessed because he steered his business toward failure ; therefore, he fell deeper into debts. He owed Han Tong Duk a big amount of money; as a result, he planned to kill the victim.
Jeong In Cheol made an appointment with the victim at his headquarter company in district 7 to confront the problem on November 26. While they were drinking beer, Jeong In Cheol secretly put sleeping pills into the glass of the victim, then while Han slept well, Jeong committed the murder.
After killing Han Tong Duk, he dismembered the body into many parts and put those into the suitcase and three plastic bags and then fled away.
Police officers were soon arriving at the house to examine the scene right after being informed.
Police investigators verified dead man and arrested the suspect Jeong In Cheol within nearly 20 hours.

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