Murder gives himself to police

The murderer who shot a man to dead at a traffic light in coastal city of Nha Trang gave himself to the police yesterday.
Viet gives himself to police (Photo: SGGP)
Viet gives himself to police (Photo: SGGP)
Understanding that he could not flee, Huynh Ut Viet went to a police station in the central province of Binh Thuan and received responsibility for the murder.

At the police station, he confessed to kill the man for jealousy.

The dead man, 31 year old, Nguyen Van Thien was shot at head while he was hailing from Dien Son Commune in Dien Khanh on .

Through probe, police verified Huynh Ut Viet to be the murder who gave himself to police on the same day.

As per initial investigation, Viet admitted to use home-made gun to kill Thien. After killing Thien, Viet rode his motorbike to the police in Ham Chinh Commune in Binh Thuan Proivnce to gave himself.
According to Viet's confession, he and his wife live in Ham Chinh Commune; both sell sugar-cane juice in the Highway No.28. They had argument during the time because his wife loved another man.
Later in March, 2017, his wife left home for the man. Through probing, his wife lived with Nguyen Van Thien in Khanh Hoa so he begged her to return home yet she refused and even change personal telephone number to break off the connection.

Viet did take their three children to meet his wife aiming to advise her to return. additionally, Viet and Thien had a quarrel too.

On the day, when waiting for the green light, Thien was approached from behind by young man on another motorbike. The unidentified shooter took out a black handgun and shot Thien directly in his head. He died at the scene. The gunman immediately fled on his motorbike and left the gun at the scene.
Police were quick to arrive at the scene where many curious people gathered.

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