More than 1,000ha of rice damaged by saltwater intrusion in Kien Giang

The People's Committee of Kien Giang Province, on March 11, informed that from the beginning of this month, saltwater intrusion in the area has increased highly, with more than 1,234 hectares of rice being affected. Of which, there were 769 hectares of rice with damage of above 70 percent, concentrating in An Bien, Vinh Thuan, and U Minh Thuong districts.

According to the provincial People's Committee, thanks to proactiveness in the prevention of saline intrusion and drought, right from the beginning of February this year, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development cooperated with the Irrigation Work Investment and Construction Management Board No.10 under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to temporarily operate Cai Be sluice gate to prevent saltwater, keep freshwater, and protect production and domestic water in the area. The water supply in the province is stable.

However, because this year, the rainfall was low, and the saline intrusion was early, the cultivated area of the winter rice crop failed to meet the plan and rice yield was merely equal to 79 percent of that in the same period last year. The sowing of the winter-spring rice crop also did not reach the plan, decreasing 4,826 hectares. Currently, the winter rice crop has already been harvested, while the winter-spring rice crop is being harvested.