Ministry of Science-Technology launches CSID Center in HCMC

The Center for Scientific-technological Services and Infrastructure Development (CSID) has been formally introduced in HCMC.


The Center for CSID is a scientific-technological organization under the management of the Office of the Science and Technology Ministry.

Its main functions are to host research activities applying scientific-technological advances; to provide scientific-technological services; and to support innovative startup activities in the Southern region.

The cooperation and support priorities of the CSID Center include energy, novel materials, artificial intelligence, green agriculture, biotechnology, information technology, logistics.

This is also the unit that organizes propaganda, encourages and supports businesses to quickly bring research results into life.

Deputy Chief of the Office of the Science and Technology Ministry Nguyen Manh Cuong stressed that the Center for CSID is a service model to close the gap between scientists and businesses so that research results can be effectively commercialized.

The CSID Center is the pioneer in operating as a technology trading floor in the Southern region, helping to apply science-technology widely in life.

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