Ministry of Public Security detects 1,191 drug-related cases

After three months of implementing the Ministry of Public Security’s Plan 486/KH-BCA-C04 on handling the complicated drug-related criminal situation in Ho Chi Minh City, the areas along Vietnam- Cambodia border and the Southern key provinces and cities, Drug Crime Investigation Department (C04) in coordination with local police forces detected 1,191 drug-related violations, arrested 1,662 suspects and seized hundreds of thousands of synthetic drugs, heroin, cocaine, etc. 

The C04 and local police also determined 106 major drug trafficking routes, 169 complicated places of drug crimes and 2,000 suspects in the above-mentioned localities. 

According to Major General Nguyen Van Vien, Head of the Ministry of Public Security's Drug Crime Investigation Department (C04), the traffickers are increasingly sophisticated acts and tricks to camouflage and hide their drugs. They often sign in to social networks for trading so the functional forces are difficult in the detection, arrestment, investigation and handling.

Police forces arrest many suspects related to drug trafficking violations.
Regarding the fight against drug crimes, Senior Lieutenant General Le Quy Vuong, Deputy Minister of Public Security suggested that the functional agencies should further connect with local police forces to get achievements in anti-drug operations.

The information was released at a summary conference about the Ministry of Public Security’s anti-drug criminal plan.


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