Ministry launches campaign to clean up malicious codes on cyberspace

The Ministry of Information and Communications yesterday officially introduced the campaign ‘Cleaning up Malicious Codes on the Cyberspace’ for businesses, organizations, and individuals in Vietnam.

Computer users can easily and actively take part in the campaign to clean up malicious codes on the cyber space in 2022

The campaign aims at reducing the proportion of computers in Vietnam being infected with malicious codes and sustainably maintain the achievement having been obtained so far since 2020. The campaign is carried out nationwide, with anti-malicious-code software pieces being offered for free at the address of

The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC – under the Information and Communications Ministry) informed that there has been a considerable rise in the use of personal computers and network-connected equipment, which is an ideal environment for computer viruses and malicious codes to spread.

Cyberattacks happen in Vietnam because many network-connected devices and websites or IP addresses here have long been in botnets, be they from individual households or large organizations and businesses, and thus easily spreading malicious codes. This has negatively affected the reputation of Vietnam in the IT community and more seriously the national digital transformation process.

NCSC added that a large number of Vietnamese computer users still keep the wrong habit of installing cracked or unlicensed software, regardless of the fact that these pieces are not timely updated to fix their security weaknesses. This results in those computers being vulnerable to malicious codes since cracking tools are also malicious codes themselves. These devices then become a part in the chain to spread the harmful codes to other computers.

To improve the situation and respond to the National Digital Transformation Day on October 10, NCSC formally launch the campaign in all 63 provinces and municipalities to call upon the cooperation of all citizens to eliminate malicious codes.

The campaign is implemented via

_Specialized information security units of ministries and ministerial-level agencies, governmental agencies;

_The Information and Communications Department of all provinces and municipalities;

_State corporations;

_Commercial Banks;

_Financial organizations;

_Enterprises providing telecommunications and Internet services in Vietnam;

_Web-hosting service providers and database centers;

_Anti-malicious-code software developers;

_Enterprises providing cyber information security services;

_Enterprises running popular platforms in Vietnam.