Ministry denies preventive measures applied on leaders of large enterprises

This morning, Lieutenant General To An Xo, Chief of the Office cum Spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Security, denied the rumor on social media that a number of preventive measures are applied on heads of businesses, which have certain influence on the stock market and corporate bond market.
Ministry denies preventive measures applied on leaders of large enterprises ảnh 1 Lieutenant General To An Xo
According to Lieutenant General To An Xo, the information on some social media accounts is false and inaccurate. Currently, the professional departments under the Ministry of Public Security are verifying and clarifying the person who spread the false rumors to handle according to regulations.
He said that the Ministry of Public Security recommended people not to believe these false information on social networks; moreover, people should not spread false information, but to receive official information from the authorities.
Earlier, some social media accounts spread information about a chairman of a corporation, one of Vietnam's billionaires and some other business leaders were banned from leaving the country.
The social network also appeared information that the authorities will prosecute influential individuals in the financial and securities markets similar to the cases such as Tan Hoang Minh and FLC.
The Chief of Office of the Ministry of Public Security said that the above rumors attracted a large number of followers online. That has a negative impact on public opinion and investors’ psychology; therefore, negatively affects the local financial and securities market, and causes damage to the reputation and economy of individuals, businesses and investors.
According to the provisions of Decree 15 of the Government, those taking advantage of social networks to provide and share fake information, false information, insults to the reputation and honor of agencies or organizations, individuals or providing and sharing fabricated information, causing public confusion will be fined VND10 million-VND20 million.
Furthermore, those disseminating false information for the purpose of obtaining illicit profits from VND50 million or causing bad public opinion, which reduces the reputation of agencies, organizations, individuals, will be criminally prosecuted for illegally giving or using information on computer networks and telecommunications networks.

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