Ministry convenes meeting on new Covid-19 cases linking with Bach Mai Hospital

The Health Ministry yesterday launched an online meeting with 300 medical agencies to discuss urgent measures in response to Covid-19 outbreaks with confirmed 16 new cases linking with Bach Mai hospital.
Ministry convenes meeting on new Covid-19 cases linking with Bach Mai Hospital
Also at the meeting, Hospital Deputy Director Duong Duc Hung revealed that last night the hospital coordinated with the military to transfer almost all family members of the hospital’s patients to Lang Hoa Lac isolation ward while a few people who are relatives of patients in critical health conditions still stay in a special quarantined area of the hospital.
He added that the hospital will run out of medical staff if they are all quarantined.
So far, over 5,000 samples out of 7,000 samples of those who had linked to the hospital all showed negative results. Currently, no more new staff at the hospital have infected with the flu-like virus.
Among 793 patients at Bach Mai hospital, 353 can be discharged while 137 will be moved to local medical establishments and 198 in critical condition can’t be moved out of the hospital without special medical equipment.
Regarding the isolation of all staff at Bach Mai hospital, Mr. Hung added that the hospital is currently facing several problems especially the shortage of human resources after the decision of isolating all people related to the hospital from March 3 up to now. Accordingly, doctors and staff at this pandemic hot spot were required to self-isolate on the spot and not move anywhere. As a result, they cannot even go out, let alone go to work at the hospital.
According to the deputy director, all people present at the hospital tested negative for the deadly virus and the hospital had been carefully disinfected. The hospital has also granted all staff certificates of negative result affirmation. If most medical staff did not go to work, the hospital would fail to manage its treatment properly, which can threaten treatment of 800 inpatients at the hospital.
Talking about this, Nguyen Quang Tuan, who heads Bach Mai hospital, said that the hospital needs to take more drastic measures to ensure enough medical workforce for the hospital. Besides, the director also informed that the dialysis department of the hospital is still operating properly.
However, to prevent the disease’s infection, all hemodialysis patients filled out medical declarations. Moreover, hemodialysis patients committed to staying at one place, not wandering in the hospital as well as be proactive in self-isolating as per the hospital’s guidance.
The hospital is now also in collaboration with the local wards of hemodialysis to supervise dialysis patients’ itinerary, make sure that they go home right away after undergoing treatment at the hospital. Moreover, a special entrance into the hospital was set up for hemodialysis patients to curb the cross-infection in the community.

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