Ministry asks to issue tough penalty on medical equipment speculators

Vietnam has added nearly 70,000 Covid-19 infection cases as more cases are continuously increasing in Hanoi and many northern provinces these days. Following the uncontrollable sales of test kits and medical devices, the Ministry of Health asked to issue tough penalties on speculators.
Ministry asks to issue tough penalty on medical equipment speculators ảnh 1 Police officers and market surveillance staff are checking a medical equipment business 
These days, Hanoians rushed to pharmacies to buy medical equipment resulting in the uncontrolled purchase and sale of SARS-CoV-2 rapid test kits and SpO2 oxygen concentration machines.
According to the Ministry of Health, many people are taking advantage of the situation of the increased demand for test kits to make a profit and speculation, leading to a shortage of supply, causing market chaos, and making people worried.
To control the situation, the Ministry of Health has sent its dispatch proposing people's committees in cities and provinces work with producers and business establishments of medical equipment to ensure the supply of the special items for price stabilization of medical equipment.
Additionally, these bodies must not sell medical equipment to individuals who are speculating to make a profit.
Inspectors of related agencies should pay more visits to check the prices of these items and throw a book at organizations and individuals that have been hoarding healthcare equipment for profit.
On the evening of February 24, the Ministry of Health said that on the day, Vietnam exceeded three million coronavirus cases, as the country registered a record 69,128 new infections including 48,179 cases in the community.
The cases in the capital city of Hanoi continued to increase very high with 8,864 cases, followed by Bac Giang with 4,171 cases, Hai Duong with 2,948 cases, Son La with2,860 cases, Ho Chi Minh City with 2,466 cases. Thus, since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Southeast Asian country has had more than three million people infected with coronavirus and 39,884 deaths. Medical workers countrywide have administered more than 192.6 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines of all kinds.

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