Minister urges to speed up investigation of corruption cases

The Minister of Public Security urged police departments and local administrations to speed up the investigation of corruption cases drawing public attention and cases under the monitor of the Central Steering Committee on Anti-corruption.
Minister urges to speed up investigation of corruption cases ảnh 1 At the meeting 
On the morning of February 7, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Public Security held an online briefing to police units and localities to assess the situation and results of work to ensure security and order on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.
At the conference, Minister of Public Security To Lam asked police units and localities to promote the achievements by strictly implementing the direction of the Party Central Committee, the Government, the Ministry and the tasks of the police sector soon in the first days and first months of the New Year of the Tiger 2022 to create breakthroughs and pave the way for the future work in 2022.
Additionally, the sector must take heed of criminal gangs and groups to suppress all kinds of crimes and law violations, especially gambling, black credit, theft, property robbery, drug crimes, murder crimes; simultaneously, the police force should raise residents’ awareness of evils and social prevention to curb and reduce crimes.
Last but not least, the sector must step up inspection of business establishments with security and order conditions to prevent criminals from taking advantage of criminal activities and social evils, and strictly handle establishments that violate regulations.
The leader of the Ministry of Public Security also suggested that police units and localities focus on proactively grasping the situation for the safety of Party and State leaders.
He also requested to strengthen internal political security, economic security, ideological and cultural security, network security, information and communication security, immigration security; coordinate in implementing policies on social welfare and support people to return to cities and industrial zones to work and live.
Furthermore, the police force must ensure traffic order and safety by formulating plans to limit traffic jams at the gateways to big cities in addition to increased patrolling to detect and strictly handle violations, especially alcohol concentration or drug-related violations, speed violations which are the culprits of traffic accidents.
According to the Ministry of Public Security's report, during the first ninth days of the Lunar New Year holiday in 2022, police units and localities have taken preventative measures against crimes.
Specifically, they carried out an investigation of more than 190 cases, arresting more than 270 criminals, over 180 drug traffickers, roughly 2,700 gamblers; seizing more than 800kg of firecrackers of all kinds as well as seizing more than 300 guns and 10,000 bullets.

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