Many wind power projects in Quang Tri Province behind schedule

The Department of Industry and Trade of Quang Tri Province, on November 22, said that there were 12 wind power projects in the province with a total capacity of 454MW. However, only two projects had completed construction and installation, while the remaining projects were behind schedule.
Many wind power projects in Quang Tri Province behind schedule ảnh 1 A wind power project in Huong Hoa District in Quang Tri Province. (Photo: SGGP)

Accordingly, in Quang Tri province, there are currently 12 wind power projects underway with a total capacity of 454 MW. However, only two projects, Huong Linh No.3 and Huong Linh No.4 wind power plants, with a capacity of 30 MW per plant, have completed construction and installation, and are waiting for the power generation price bracket of the competent authority to deploy connecting to the national grid, testing, adjusting, and preparing to put into commercial operation.

The remaining ten wind power plant projects, including Tan Hop, Hai Anh, Huong Phung No.1, LIG Huong Hoa No.1, TNC Quang Tri No.1, TNC Quang Tri No.2, LIG Huong Hoa No.2, Huong Linh No.5, Huong Hiep No.2, and Huong Hiep No.3, are all behind schedule.

Most projects are behind schedule because of adverse weather factors, the Covid-19 pandemic, and site clearance work. There is also another reason that comes from the Government's policy mechanism when there is no transition mechanism to encourage the development of wind power projects after October 31, 2021, resulting in investors being unable to sign credit contracts to purchase equipment and implement projects in moderation due to the lack of mechanisms and policies for the development of wind power projects, including the power buying price mechanism of the Vietnam Electricity.

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, on October 3, 2022, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Circular No.15/2022/TT-BCT stipulating the method of building a price bracket for power generation of transitional solar and wind power plants. It is an important legal foundation for investors of wind power projects to have a basis for implementing investment after having the power generation price bracket applicable to wind power plant projects approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. After the transition mechanism is in place, if projects are still behind schedule, they will be considered and handled according to regulations.

Up to this point, Quang Tri Province has had 19 wind power projects, with a planned capacity of 723.2MW and a commercial generating capacity of 671.1MW, which have been completed and put into operation.