Many banks offer high dividend payout ratios

To prepare for the upcoming annual general meetings, many commercial banks have submitted to shareholders their dividend payout plans. Accordingly, many commercial banks offer extremely high dividends this year.
Particularly, SHB plans to pay dividends to existing shareholders at the ratio of 20.5 percent in shares in 2021. Of which, 10 percent is for 2019, and 10.5 percent for 2020.

ACB plans to issue more than 540 million shares to pay dividends for the year 2020 at the ratio of 25 percent, and increase its capital to nearly VND27.02 trillion in the annual shareholder meeting, expected to take place on April 6.

OCB expects the increase level of its charter capital this year to be about 25 percent and dividend payout ratio at about 25 percent. MSB submitted a plan to pay dividends at the minimum ratio of 15 percent at the 2021 annual general meeting.

Besides private commercial banks, State-owned commercial banks, such as Vietcombank and VietinBank, also plan to pay dividends in shares this year, after Decree No.121/2020 was amended, allowing State-owned joint-stock banks to share dividends in shares.

Particularly, VietinBank consulted its shareholders and was approved the plan to increase charter capital to nearly VND48 trillion by issuing more than 1 billion shares to pay dividends with a ratio of nearly 28.8 percent. Before paying dividends in shares, VietinBank paid dividends in cash at a ratio of 5 percent at the end of last year.

Similarly, Vietcombank also paid an eight-percent cash dividend in January 2021. This bank will also submit to shareholders the plan to increase charter capital in 2021-2022.

Because commercial banks have plans to pay high dividends, so recently, although the Ho Chi Minh City stock market encountered problems with network congestion, banking stocks still attracted a large cash flow.

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