Man demands compensation for 11 years false imprisonment

Mr. Han Duc Long who had been wrongly jailed for 11 years sent a petition to the senior People’s Court of Hanoi, demanding VND20 billion (US$881,000) in compensation for 11 years false imprisonment.
Mr. Han Duc Long was unjustly imprisoned for over 11 years
Mr. Han Duc Long was unjustly imprisoned for over 11 years
The 58 years old man comes from Phuc Son commune, Tan yen district, the northern province of Bac Giang.
In the petition, Mr. Long demands VND2.4 billion for his 4,083 days of false imprisonment, VND6 billion for his six family members’ mental anguish and for the honor, prestige and dignity of him, his family and kindred, who had been libeled, ostracized and condemned for the crime which he did not commit.
Covering herself with shame and writhing, his wife Nguyen Thi Mai has fallen ill and yet been cured so far. His children have dropped out of school.
Mr. Long had been accused of child rape and murder, jailed for 11 years and four times sentenced to death.
Previously, the People’s Court of Hanoi organized a public meeting of apology to him on April 25. However the meeting did not take place as expected. Chaos occurred as relatives of the five year old girl victim gathered, screamed, devastated banners and demanded to cancel the public apology until the real culprit is found.

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