Localities nationwide have to proactively ensure Vitamin A supply

The Drug Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health yesterday issued an official letter on strengthening the supply sources of Vitamin A.

The Drug Administration of Vietnam said that there were only three Vitamin A drugs having nutrition facts of 5,000 IU holding circulation registration certificates in Vietnam.

To ensure the supply of Vitamin A, the Drug Administration of Vietnam proposed production and import facilities to strengthen the research, production and find appropriate supply sources and import Vitamin A drugs in general together with high-dose Vitamin A with 100,000 IU and 200,000 IU to provide for the medical program.

According to the Drug Administration of Vietnam, the high-dose Vitamin A supplementation for kids from six to 60 months was previously donated to international organizations and distributed to provinces and cities in accordance with the demand.

However, pursuant to the new regulation of the Ministry of Health, starting from 2023, the provinces and cities have to proactively plan the Vitamin A purchase from localities' budgets or financial sources of national target programs.

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