Integration of Science and Technology to increase in 2013

At a conference held recently in the University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City, a study showed that despite many science and technology contracts signed last year, Vietnam was still considered a country of low ability, mainly in receiving new technology through collaborations.

Up till now, Vietnam has formed science and technology cooperations with nearly 70 countries as well as international organizations and entered into more than 80 agreements with other governments.

More than 500 international science and technology projects are presently being carried out at research centers, earning a gross revenue of VND150 billion per year (US$7.205 million).

The country also has science and technology representatives in 12 nations and 17 territories to encourage multi-collaboration in research.

However, as a low ability country, instead of having a two-way cooperation, Vietnam merely receives new technology through FDI projects or aid projects.

All participants at the conference agreed that the government should encourage alliances with countries such as North America, and those in Europe and Northeast Asia, form new research groups, and run proper training programs.

Moreover, the Vietnam Research and Education Network (VINAREN) should work more closely with international information networks to timely update Vietnamese researchers on the latest scientific and technological knowledge.

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