Indonesian media praise Vietnam’s success in curbing Covid-19, economic growth

Indonesian media have applauded Vietnam’s success in curbing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, which helps the country’s economy to expand.

Taking sample for Covid-19 test in Da Nang(Photo: SGGP)
Taking sample for Covid-19 test in Da Nang(Photo: SGGP)
In a recent interview, Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam Ibnu Hadi affirmed that the key to Vietnam's success is fast decision-making from the Government which receive support and are closely observed by all levels of society.
Covid-19 has indeed hit the world economy, including Vietnam, Ibnu said, pointing out that Vietnam's economy is still growing positively. While economies across the globe contract due to the pandemic, Vietnam posted a growth of 3.82 percent in the first quarter of 2020, the diplomat stated.
Even though Vietnam was hardest hit by Covid-19 outbreaks in Q2, the country’s economy increased 0.36 percent.
Vietnam recently adjusted down its economic growth target to 2 - 2.5 percent this year due to the pandemic, but the forecast still remains positive compared to other countries in the region, the Ambassador said.
According to Ibnu, Vietnam's economy is quite dependent on exports. But thanks to accurate evaluations and projections, the Vietnamese Government has devised measures to cushion the negative impact of Covid-19 by creating optimal conditions for exporters during the pandemic period and boosting the production of key export items such as garment, footwear and medical equipment.
As a result, the economy remains resilient and enjoys positive growth which has gained admiration of various countries in the region and the world, the diplomat noted.
During its second wave of infections, Vietnam also quickly rolled out preventive measures in confirmed outbreaks instead of imposing large-scale restrictions, which kept the economy running, he added.
So far Vietnam had recorded 1,069 positive cases, with 35 deaths, and 999 patients have recovered.

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