HCMC boosting digital transformation process via new consultation center

Ho Chi Minh City is building its Support and Consultation Center for Digital Transformation (DXCenter), which is estimated to be in operation in the third quarter this year. SGGP Newspaper conducted an interview with Director of Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) Lam Nguyen Hai Long about the center’s operation and its expected benefits to individuals, businesses sited in the city.

The Perspective of DXCenter

Reporting the progress of the DXCenter construction project in the downtown area, assigned to the HCMC departments of Information-Communications and Science-Technology, Director Lam Nguyen Hai Long said that in April 2021, the municipal authorities requested QTSC to collaborate with the two mentioned departments in establishing DXCenter.

The preliminary report of this construction project was submitted to Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong on May 28.

Being the unit to carry out the project and manage the center in the future, QTSC plans to exploit all possible resources from the community to minimize financial allocation from the national budget and human resources designation.

DXCenter follows the model of financial-autonomy science and technology organization, which helps it become more flexible in cooperating with domestic and global partners.

DXCenter is supposed to open in this third quarter at the address of number 6 Tu Xuong Street in District 3. In the upcoming time, DXCenter will focus on the city’s digital transformation process and small & medium-scaled enterprises (SMEs).

Director Long then affirmed that DXCenter is able to attract a team of senior consultants in various fields so that connections between technological businesses and associations of many industries can be formed successfully.

The center is expected to also create a strong bond with trade organizations, consultation organizations, incubation centers, renowned domestic and multi-national corporations, and consulates of other countries.

He commented that with the active help of the media and such an advantageous location, DXCenter is able to provide convenient working conditions for both businesses and individuals. Therefore, it is supposed to be capable of forming a complete ecosystem to professionally support the digital transformation process of HCMC.

Being a member of QTSC, DXCenter has more flexibility in trading and collaboration activities when receiving much needed aid from QTSC itself, which helps it to avoid unwanted obstacles that other similar units have encountered.

Describing the role and missions of DXCenter in the city’s digital transformation process, the Director shared that in this June, the center is going to introduce in-depth consultant teams for key fields, along with their detailed action plans. These teams have a close link to leading technological businesses and IT associations.

DXCenter will invite national and international technological enterprises to display their products for digital transformation in the aspect of digital economy, society, government, and infrastructure.There are supposedly 10 major fields divided into 50 sub-categories. The center will use DX-eHub platform, which has necessary functions like reviewing and rating, running demos for those displays.

DXCenter aims at providing at least 1,000 products and 100 models for the digital transformation process of HCMC, prioritizing the industries mentioned by the resolution of the HCMC Party Congress.

Finally, Director Long listed the possible benefits for businesses and citizens when DXCenter comes into operation.

It answers the digital transformation demands in the order of SMEs, state units and organizations, digital businesses wishing to approach potential clients for technology transformation, district units wanting to implement technologies in serving citizens, people wishing to visit the center to improve their knowledge about digital transformation and living standard upgrades, universities and educational institutes that can train capable human resources for the digital transformation process.

DXCenter also offers consultation and support activities as to technological solutions while trying to develop a digital technology community. Simultaneously, it boosts technology product research and development and then introduces the results to those in need.

The ultimate goal of DXCenter is to raise the awareness of the public and businesses about the advantages of digital transformation in order for HCMC to have a more sustainable socio-economic growth.