Fuel prices end losing streak

The ministries of Finance and Industry and Trade on July 2 ordered fuel wholesalers to raise fuel prices after lowering them in three previous adjustment periods.

Accordingly, the price of RON95-III gasoline rose VND383 per liter to VND20,517 per liter. The price of biofuel E5 RON92 gained VND420 per liter to VND19,653 per liter. The price of diesel oil 0.05S surged VND292 per liter to VND16,949 per liter. Kerosene climbed VND326 per liter to VND15,937 per liter. The price of mazut oil 180CST 3.5S increased VND105 per kilogram to VND15,220 per kilogram.

The ministries also ordered fuel wholesalers to reduce the setting up level of the fuel price stabilization fund for E5 RON92 gasoline from VND300 per liter to VND200 per liter and for RON95 gasoline and other kinds of oil to VND700 per liter. At the same time, fuel wholesalers are not allowed to use the fuel price stabilization fund.