Free national cyber security drill against coin-mining malware to be launched

The cyber security drill WhiteHat Drill 05 with the theme of ‘Investigating, handling, and preventing coin-mining malware via software vulnerabilities’ will be launched online on the website of the Vietnamese cyber security community at the address

The free drill against coin-mining malware will happen on May 9
The free drill against coin-mining malware will happen on May 9

Recently, the cyber community has continuously experienced the boom of coin-mining malware. Typical attacks include taking advantage of the weaknesses existing in websites and software, as well as the popularity of social networks to spread these dangerous viruses.

In March 2018, hundreds of thousands of computers in Vietnam was infected with W32.AdCoinMiner, a virus spread via online advertising services. In particular, this malware was able to self-spread to other computers in the same local network via the software weakness of SMB, which was once successfully exploited by WannaCry, another infamous ransomware to harm more than 300,000 computers in just a few hours. Statistics from Bkav warned that more than half of the number of computers in Vietnam has this vulnerability.

The WhiteHat Drill 05 consists of the simulation of real situations where computers are infected with coinminer virus through software weaknesses. All participants have to try their best to isolate infected computers in order to avoid the widespread of that malware. They must then analyze the malware to identify the source of attack, the precise software weakness, and the fixing method as soon as possible to prevent further attacks from hackers.

In this WhiteHat Drill 05, the Authority of Information Security under the Ministry of Information and Communications will cooperate with Bkav to build the scenario as well as host the event. 

From now on, all interested organizations and businesses in the nation can register for their participation at the address This is a completely free drill co-hosted by the Authority of Information Security and Bkav.

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