Free health check-ups provided for poor people in District 12

A program of provision of free health check-ups for poor people were carried out in District 12 on March 30.

Free health check-ups are provided for poor people in District 12

The program aims to contribute to better health care for beneficiaries of social policies and people serving in the country’s revolution, and people in poverty-stricken families in the district. Moreover, the program aims to help people understand their health status and update their knowledge on preventing some common diseases.

Yesterday, District 12 People's Committee and Gia Dinh People's Hospital coordinated to organize free health checks, blood tests, ultrasounds, and electrocardiograms for people in the area on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the district's establishment ( April 1, 1997 – April 1, 2024).

At Truong Chinh High School in the district’s Tan Hung Thuan Ward, more than 30 medical staff gave examinations and advice to the program participants as well as guided people on disease prevention knowledge and skills. About 500 beneficiaries of social policies and families in difficult circumstances received medical examinations, blood pressure measurements, blood sugar measurements, general ultrasound, electrocardiogram measurements and free medicine.

Those who were at high risk were pre-screened by measuring blood sugar, general abdominal ultrasound, and electrocardiogram. From the screening results, if an abnormal case is detected, medical workers of the local medical facility will advise patients whether they need timely treatment.

A 61 year old man, Hoang Xuan Hoa, in Trung My Tay Ward and his 3 friends who are veterans, arrived at the venue early to wait for a medical examination. He said he was a ¼th-class wounded soldier and had lost a leg so he had difficulty in walking. A few weeks ago, when he received an invitation to the health examination program which comprises general ultrasound and electrocardiogram, he was very excited.

People in difficult circumstances or those who enjoy social policies and serving in the country’s revolution have received a lot of attention from the Party and local authorities, especially in health care, said veteran Hoang Xuan Hoa.

According to Dr. Nguyen Hoang Hai, Director of Gia Dinh People's Hospital, medical examination and treatment for people not only at medical facilities but also in localities is one of the top tasks of the hospital. This is a humanitarian activity demonstrating the country’s good traditions.

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