First turn of mobile phone number conversion successfully taken

In accordance with the instruction of the Ministry of Information and Communications, at 12am on September 15, all mobile networks in Vietnam carried out the task of changing 11-digit phone numbers to 10-digit ones. Reports from the Authority of Telecommunications, the first turn was extremely successful.

First turn of mobile phone number conversion successfully taken

As stated by a representative of the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), in this first turn, more than one million subscribers possessing the prefix 0124 will have their number changed to 084. Despite its positive result in the experimental phase, along with well-prepared technical solutions, in order to ensure a smooth convert, the company still mobilized nearly 300 technicians in 63 provinces and cities nationwide to cooperate in this task.

At the moment, any subscribers with the prefix 0124 (now changed to 084) are able to make phone calls and send messages to others in the same or other networks. These users need neither to change their SIM card nor re-register their personal information. The money in their account remains unchanged, and they do not have to do anything, but let VNPT carry out all necessary actions.

To quickly update and synchronize the contact book, customers of VNPT are suggested to wait until after October 7, 2018 when all network providers finish the conversion process.

VNPT also provides a useful tool named My VNPT for all mobile phone subscribers (even those of other network providers) to update new phone numbers with only a few simple steps. Besides, the company support its users to announce their new mobile phone numbers via delivering free messages to others in the same network, offering a low-price SMS package.

Regarding users of common phones, VNPT has already had a supporting plan to change via cable service or a piece of software installed on a personal computer.

The Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services One Member Limited Liability Company (Mobifone) reported that in the first turn of mobile phone conversion, it successfully changed all 11-digit numbers with the prefix 0120 into the new 070. Until now, all these numbers are stably accessible to all calls, messages, data services, and added services

From September 15, 2018, Mobifone’s customers have been able to download and install the app My MobiFone in order to update all changed numbers in their contact book, including those of the same network and of others. Users of other network providers can also use this app from October 7, 2018 when all these providers finish the conversion process. 

The Vietnam Military Telecommunications Group (Viettel) also announced its success in transforming all mobile phone numbers with the prefix 0169.66 into 039.66. In this conversion period, its customers can still make and receive phone calls and send SMS to people in the same or other networks using both the old and new numbers.

Viettel introduced the app My Viettel to update new phone numbers and synchronize them in users’ contact book. The app can be used by all mobile phone owners regardless of their subscriptions.

On September 15, Vietnamobile confirmed that it was successful in changing 11-digit phone numbers with the prefix 0186 into 10-digit ones with the prefix 056. It ensured clear communication thorough the conversion process. The company promised to try its best to aid customers when needed.

On the same day, Gmobile carried out its plan to changed the prefix 01992 into 0592 for its customers.

As instructed by the Ministry of Information and Communications, all mobile network providers have to implement this phone change process in many turns and must end on October 2018. After the successful conversion, they have to deliver announcement to their customers while maintain both the old and new numbers for 60 days.

In 90 days of the change, these companies have to play instructional audio to guide users on applying new numbers. After September 30, 2019, all announcements can be stopped and all numbers use the new 10-digit system.