Fine of US$861.8 imposed on two women for posting falsified Covid-19 test result

Two women in the Central City of Da Nang were fined VND20 million (US$861.8) for spreading falsified Covid-19 test result on social media causing public worry.
Lieutenant colonel Phung Van Hung from the Lien Chieu police agency said that the police decided to issue administrative fines on one woman in Thanh Khe District and one woman in Son Tra District for spreading and posting incorrect Covid-19 test results, triggering public outrage.
After discovering the fake test result in social network on December 2 and several days later, police investigators have jumped into investigation. Twenty people involving in the case were invited to police station for the probe.
According to police investigation results, a female nurse working at the pediatrics department of the Lien Chieu Healthcare Center underwent a Covid-19 test before taking a special course. She received a negative test result on December 2.
However, to tease one of her colleague, she changed the test result from “negative” to “positive” and had it posted on the Zalo platform. She asked another female nurse named M. to send the test result to her colleague who she wanted to tease. Female nurse named M. mistakenly sent to a 16-member private group of the pediatrics department and then spread on social media.
Director of the Lien Chieu Healthcare Center Le Van Sy said the nurse in the case was asked to write a letter acknowledging her wrongdoings.

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