Enterprises increase supply capacity of goods

Within their capacity, many enterprises have actively implemented measures for workers to stay and work at the factories to prevent the pandemic and ensure the safety of workers effectively.
Enterprises increase supply capacity of goods ảnh 1 Enterprises organize live-in at factories for workers to ensure production and pandemic prevention. (Photo: SGGP)
From the end of June, Vissan Joint Stock Company has organized a live-in at the factory, with a total workforce of more than 1,300 workers. The company requisitioned the hall, temporary canteen, and dry storage to arrange accommodation for workers to stay and work at the factory. The sleeping areas ensure a minimum of 3-4 square meters per person. There are separate areas for male and female workers and a changing room for female workers. The company strictly complies with the 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health in production and daily activities at the company.

Similarly, Cofidec has requisitioned resting areas, halls, and meeting rooms at two factories in Vinh Loc A Industrial Park in Binh Chanh District in Ho Chi Minh City, with a total area of about 3,500 square meters as a place for workers to stay and work. The accommodation for male and female workers is separate, ensuring an area of 5 square meters per person to avoid close contact for workers. Each worker is provided with necessary supplies to rest and sleep at the factory. Besides salary, workers are also entitled to an additional VND500,000 of living expenses and free breakfasts and dinners, Ms. Dang Thi Phuong Ninh, Director of Cofidec Company, said.

Mr. Truong Chi Thien, General Director of Vinh Thanh Dat Company, the key supplier of poultry eggs, said that the company had built a plan for temporary accommodations at the factory many weeks ago. As an enterprise participating in the Market Stabilization Program, the company prioritizes pandemic prevention. It must have a well-prepared backup plan at all costs because the company's operation should never be suspended.

According to the above enterprises, the implementation of the live-in solution is taking place quite smoothly. However, the difficulty that enterprises have to carry is the increase in costs for meals and accommodations for workers, which has a significant impact on the cost prices of products. Amid the context that the costs are rising while the product prices remain stable, it is a big challenge for enterprises.

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