Eight bidders win the third gold auction

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) announced the result of its gold auction on May 14 with eight winning bidders.


Eight participants won the gold auction this morning, securing a total of 8,100 taels of SJC-branded gold bars out of the total 16,800 taels offered for bidding

The winning bid price was VND87.73 million (US$3,443) per tael, which is VND270,000 per tael lower than the reference price.

So far, the total amount of gold successfully auctioned after three sessions was 14,900 taels.

At 1 pm on the same day, Saigon Gold and Jewelry Company (SJC) bought gold at VND86 million per tael and sold it at VND789 million per tael

SJC gold price for buying at DOJI Group was VND86.5 million and VND88.5 million for selling.

At the same time in Hanoi, Bao Tin Minh Chau Company bought 9999 gold rings at VND74.88 million per tael and sold them at VND76.38 million per tael, down VND550,000 a tael for buying and selling.

Gold price from the international gold market was traded at US$2,344 per ounce, about VND16.3 million per tael lower than domestic gold price.

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